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Maybe Ukraine Is Shooting Russian Missiles Back At Russian Targets?

Memo To Earth: RE: Cockpit Canopies And The Na'vi Stone Point Arrow Threat

The Art Of Life Under Siege At Christmas-Time

Russian Volunteer: 'This Level Of Military Incompetence Simply Does Not Exist'

The Na'vi Must Declare An Orbital No-Fly Zone Around Pandora. They Will Need Humans

The State Of English Civil War Education

The 'Unauthorized Armistices' Of 1914 And The Making Of Modern Mass Memory

A Serious Question For You, Dear Reader

Putin Asked Santa For A Donbas Christmas Gift But He Should Prepare For Disappointment

Reliable Sources: DECLASSIFIED!

Which War Wore It Better?

Lessons From The Spectrum War In Ukraine

The Beaux Arts Of War

A Kübler-Ross Interpretation Of This Russian Propagandist Contemplating Defeat

The Electromagnetic Warship Takes Shape

Ukraine's War of Independence, Vol. II

Two Italian Saints Against A Sirocco Of Steel

The Trials Of John Fowke

Ukraine Has Won The Battle Of Kherson

Eighty Years Of French Navalism In 1/700 Scale

The 1949 Geneva Convention Knew What A 'Woman' Is. But How Could They Tell?

The [Drone] Bomber Will Always Get Through

What Peace Party Doing?

Land Art And The Reputation Management Of Mercenary Mafioso Yevgeny Prigozhin

A Very Old Crow Reacts To The Brand-New US Army 'Terrestrial Layer System'

The Freeze Play Is On In Kherson

This Nord Stream Explosion Site Looks Exactly Like Russian Sabotage

The 'Blue Dawn' Legacy: From Soviet Planning For WWIII Partisans To The War In Ukraine

'Digging With Bayonets': Russian Mobilization Is Too Little, Too Late To Save Kherson

The Daleks Of Ancient Mesopotamia

Conflict History in Review, Vol. I

The Siege Of Crimea Opens With A Spectacular Kerch Strait Bridge Strike

Security Partners Quietly Up-Arm Ukraine For Spectrum Dominance

'Putin's Chef' And The Meat-Grinder Of Bakhmut

Status Monkey: Of Men, Mankind, And The Social Evolution Of Violence

Sabotaging Your Own Pipelines Is Absurdly Easy

Dagestan Is Russia. Civil War Is Unlikely

Russian Stealth Mobilization Already A Disaster

Mark Twain on the Aesthetics of Siege

Putin and the Decline of Third Rome

Gen. Retreat: The Fine Art of Spin During the Collapse Phase of Authoritarian Debacles

Putin is Breaking the Russian Army

Russian Armies Are Starting To Break

The 1949 Geneva Conventions Were A Real Battle

Ukraine: Thunder Run to Kupyansk

Ukraine Advances in the East, Spoiling Russian Annexation Plans

The Kherson Fire Sack Cinches Tighter

A Fire Plan Does Not Lie

Qianlong and the Towers of Jinchuan

Could Space Marines Really Happen?

Just How Much Real-Time Intelligence Do the US and NATO Give Ukraine?

A Shield-Bearing Slave in Comic Relief

Putin's War Comes Home To Russia

Ukraine Has An Attrition Strategy of Their Own in Crimea and Kherson

When China Conquered the West

The Trap Has Shut In Kherson

Sucker Play in Kherson

An Electronic Warfare Cope Cage. LOL

More Siege Paintings Should Have Fire

The 20th Century Propaganda Poster is Still Fighting in 21st Century Ukraine

Weapons Designed and Built to Defeat Russian Armies are, You Know, Defeating Russian Armies

Ferdinand Magellan, Pirate Merchant

Russian Conspiracy Goobers: America Created Ukrainian Super-Soldiers in Secret Biolabs

A Brief Word on the John Fowke Project and the General State of Things

When Putin Shattered His Wilderness of Mirrors

How Americans Mastered the Indirect Fire Battle and Became a Global Superpower

The Weight of Fire Shifts in Ukraine

Elements of Historical Realism in the Song ‘Barrett’s Privateers’ by Stan Rogers

Hero of 1918 'Did Not Even Know What The Marine Corps Was' When He Joined It

The Art of Indirect Fire in the Seven Years' War

Putin is Setting Russia Up to Fail

The Walls of John Fowke (Audio Version)

Infinite Voyage of the Navigational Mind

I Should Be Charging You For This

To Win the Battle of the Black Sea

The Walls of John Fowke

How A Ukrainian Offensive Could Finally Trigger That Formal Russian Declaration Of War

Forgotten Sunrise: Shiv Kunal Verma's Epic History of the Second Kashmir War

What if Russia is This Bad at Nuclear War, Too?

Get Ready For A 'Special Mobilization'

Russians Are High On Putin's Supply

All Quiet On The Yalu Front

Did The 'Ghost Of Kyiv' Begin As A Cover Story?

How 'Mistakes Were Made' In 1950

Russian Colossus Almost Out Of Steam

Ukraine Can Build Back Better And Faster Than Russia

When Demigods Die: MacArthur and the 1950 Chinese Intervention in Korea

The Russian Army Has To Be Destroyed

Putin Cannot Kill The Idea Of Ukraine

Putin Digs Deep for a Potemkin Victory

The Thornbush Is In Bloom: Crowdsourced Spectrum Dominance in Ukraine

Russia vs The World, 1904-Present?

Winter Soldiers: Embedded With Veterans For Peace In A Blinding Blizzard

Defeat Doctrine and the Last Resort to Madness

Is Putin High On His Own Supply?

Ukraine's War of Independence, Vol. I

How to Break a Russian Offensive

Maybe Ukraine Doesn't Need A NATO No-Fly Zone Because They Already Have One?

Maybe Putin's Russia is Bad at War?

Maybe Putin is Just Bad at War?

The Mental Siege of Vladimir Putin

The Lights Are Still On In Kyiv

Ukraine Against The Storm

Putin and the Recline of the West

Arts of the Siege: Volume I

Cold War is Performance

Scene of Surrender

The Mongols Hated Sieges

Magical Thinking in the World War I Generation

The First Jihad

Gunpowder Transition in Poliorcetic Art

Dr. Brewster, Lunatic Armorer of WWI

Gandalf à Verdun

Cancel the 'Washington Commanders'

Sons of the Prophet

Who Said Geopolitics Is Over?

The Gunpowder Reason, A Plot

Warning Order

There Are Three Ways To Pay For War in Ukraine

The Korean War You Know

In Progress: A Fleet of Samples

The Bomb: Cold War II is a Bad Sequel

On Prehistory and Mobilization

Poliorcetic Art: La Rochelle

Conflict Archaeology in the Midden Heaps of Clickbait

The Cannons of Enlightenment

How to Succeed in Regicide Without Even Trying (Audio Version)

Firepower Beats Armor Over Time

How to Succeed in Regicide Without Even Trying

The Wireless First World War: A Series

Prehistoric Siegecraft

The Wireless War Comes to America

Brain Bucket: A Series on the American Game of War

Who Wore it Better?

Fortification and State Formation

John Fowke and the Invention of News (Audio Version)

Wireless War on the Eastern Front

Brain Bucket: Playoffs and Overtime