A Brief Word on the John Fowke Project and the General State of Things

I'm publishing! And podcasting! Hooray?

Jul 11, 2022

I have always been leery of podcasting, especially YouTube vlogging, because the platforms push creators towards content over quality and then straight into burnout. Substack’s video option lets me do this without a complex dashboard or the calculated dopamine-hit infrastructure that comes with one of those. I don’t want to chase superchats. I don’t want to fine-tune my SEO anymore.

I am just here for the history, guys.

Addendum to what I said in the video is this remarkable bullet point from ISW:

Russian occupation authorities continued to face challenges with effective economic integration of occupied areas of Ukraine. Russian Telegram channel Rybar reported that farmers in occupied Kherson Oblast are experiencing logistical, supply-side, and economic problems with integration into the Russian market—a sign that Russian authorities have not yet developed consistent economic agendas to incorporate Ukrainian agricultural output into the Russian economy. Rybar claimed that the wait times at border areas make perishable goods essentially impossible to import to Russia from Kherson Oblast and devalues products exported from Kherson on the Russian market. (Boldface mine)

Russia is such a hollowed-out, corrupted country that they are actually bad at stealing things, anymore. Amazing.