Jan 17, 2022 • 13M

How to Succeed in Regicide Without Even Trying (Audio Version)

John Fowke gets away with murder

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Matt Osborne
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Having done as much as any Londoner possibly could to prepare for war with the king, to raise an army to meet the king in battle, to bypass the normal rules of governance in London to do that, urging action and raising troops and even collecting taxes for the purpose, agitating all the while for an open rebellion against Charles instead of halfhearted insurrection, John Fowke finished his long personal war with the king by … staying home.

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How to Succeed in Regicide Without Even Trying
Mercurius Politicus is considered an early newspaper, but today we might see the format as a newsletter, for each edition was printed with articles in sequence, as a single column. John Fowke, merchant adventurer of London, purchased an advertisement in the 22-29 March 1660 edition of the paper to refute widespread misinformation about his role in the t…
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