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Polemology Positions is drawn from academic history. Free and paywalled updates weekly. Topics run the gamut of military revolution matters in every era.

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Polemology Positions is not war porn. Although images are an important part of the historiographical work, and I do not offer trigger warnings for a blog about war, I do avoid excessive or graphic content. On this Substack, I gaze into the abyss of war so that it does not gaze into you. These are stories from the long, human story of armed struggle, struggling to be heard on the contested terrain of historical discourse. If you think that sort of language sounds pretentious, you have come to exactly the right place. If you think military history is all or mostly terrible-tasting — a kind of mental vegetable that you force yourself to chew and digest for a healthy understanding of our human world — you have found exactly the right website.

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Conflict History


Conflict historian, US Army SIGINT and signal veteran. Recovering political scientist/internet opinionator. I will not recant my heresies.