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Drachinifel on John Fowke, Gunpowder Supplier to the Revolutionary Merchants of London

The 'Unauthorized Armistices' Of 1914 And The Making Of Modern Mass Memory

The Art Of Life Under Siege At Christmas-Time

Israel Has No Chill in Gaza

The Daleks Of Ancient Mesopotamia

Memorializing Two Hero Pilots From One Tiny Town in New York State, Both Lost in WWII

Stan Rogers and the Historicity of 'The Nancy'

The Beaux Arts of War at Sea

The IDF is Winning the Battle of Gaza

Ukraine Is Still Crossing The Dnipro In Slow Motion, With Or Without Your Kind Assistance

The Art of Indirect Fire in the Seven Years' War

This Will Be The Most Epic War Film In Ages

Gazan deaths figures are deceptive

Gunpowder Transition in Poliorcetic Art

How To Cross the Dnipro in Slow Motion

A Halloween Repost: Wicked October in the Haunted Theatre of France

Hazardous Histories: Twelve Battleships That Blew Up From The Inside Out And Sank

John Fowke is the Most Interesting Man In English Civil War London (14 min.)

The Most Interesting Man In English Civil War London

'No Other Result Should Have Been Expected'

John Fowke and the English Civil War: A Rant

The Battle of Avdiivka and the Dangers of Getting High on Your Own Telegram Supply

Hamas And The One-State Solution

What 'The Left' Still Gets Wrong About Iran

America Needs to Build More (and Better) Ships

Conflict Archaeology in the Midden Heaps of Clickbait

When China Conquered the West with Camel Artillery

Modernity: A Motte-and-Bailey Argument

On Recent Trial Balloons And Heavenly Signs

Ukraine Pursues Black Sea Dominance On The Warpath To Crimea

Ukraine's Counteroffensive At 100 Days (On Day 567 Of Vladimir Putin's Four-Day War)

The Final Argument of Kings: Counterbattery Engagement From Ancient Greece to Ukraine

The Ghosts of Africa

How This American Hero Came Home: The Story Of A Tiny Town That Lost Two Too Many

Gerasimov Applies His Doctrine At Robotyne

Barbie's Battle of the Kens Is Liberal Feminism Trying and Failing to Tame the Warrior Male

Naval Revolutions Are Built Revolutions

Arming Ukraine, Deterring China, and the Enduring Dilemma of Ammunition Supply

Slowly, Then All At Once: The Russian Strategy In Zaporizhzhia Is Going Bankrupt

Prigozhin's Jet Didn't Crash Itself

Operation Crossbow and the Mysterious Final Flight of Lt. Melvin Donald Putnam

Dr. Brewster, Lunatic Armorer of WWI

What The Hundred Days Of Ukraine Looks Like On Day 69

Forgotten Sunrise: Shiv Kunal Verma's Epic History of the Second Kashmir War

Arts of the Siege: Volume II

Killing Hitler's Hangman: How Prague Remembers Operation Anthropoid Today

The Siege Of Toulon And The Revised Stature Of Napoleon Bonaparte

Ukraine Wants To Break The Russian Army In Zaporizhzhia And Retake Crimea By Fire

Connecting East India Company v John Fowke to the Outbreak of the English Civil War

Jihad and the Limitations of Caravan Logistics

World War BC? On Tollense, Troy, And The Deep History Of The Professional Soldier

Mines, Machinery, and Manpower in Ukraine

When Demigods Die: MacArthur's Men And Their Intelligence Failures In The Korean War

Air Superiority Is Essential To The Combined Arms Revolution In 1918 And 2023

The Wagner Mutiny Was An Inside Job

The Mindfulness Of The Natural Fighter

Lukashenko Grows At Putin's Expense, Again

A Civil War In Russia Would Not Be A Complete Victory For Ukraine

How To Get Polemology Positions For Free

Infinite Voyage of the Navigational Mind

Comparing the Hundred Days Campaign of 1918 to the Ukrainian Counteroffensive

The Black Sea Has Always Been a Global Trade Engine Running on Grain as Fuel

Ukraine's War Of Independence, Vol. IV

The Flood Of Disinformation Is Standard Russian Operating Procedure In Defeat

Headhunting Sukarno: The Cold War Murder of an Impossible Country

Ukraine Expands Their Hybrid War In Russia

What To Talk About When We Talk About Ukraine Shooting Stuff At Russia

Loyalty, Divided: The Doomed Resistance Of A Cavalier Stronghold In The English Civil War

The Cost Of The Memory And The Labor Of Remembering It

What We Should Talk About When We Talk About F-16s Flying In Ukraine

I Liked 'Top Gun: Maverick' So Here Is My Four-Star Review Of Everything Wrong With It

Ukraine Flips The Russian Script, Catches Moscow Flat-Footed

Bringing An American Hero Home

The First Jihad (Repost)

Sons of the Prophet (Repost)

Fortification and State Formation (Repost)

The Opera Curtain Opens At Bakhmut

My Own Personal Ploesti

Bombing Hitler's Gas Station: A Brief History

Ladies And Gentlemen, The 2023 Overture Has Begun, Please Take Your Seats

Area Man Very Worried About Robot Soldiers

Turns Out Nord Stream Was An Inside Job

Jeanne Hachette Against Charles The Bold

How This American Hero Finally Came Home

Everything We Know About The Ukraine Counteroffensive That Is Underway Right Now

Catastrophic Victory: The Brusilov Offensive And The Collapse Of Imperial Russia

Confidence Is High

Wireless and the Slow Death of Austria-Hungary (Repost)

Kremlinology On The Eve Of Ukrainian Attack

Bakhmut Has Fallen, Russia Has Won The War

A Bullet With Butterfly Wings

The Primitive Warfare of 'Dune' (Repost)

This American Hero Is Finally Coming Home

The Cannons of Enlightenment (Repost)

Bakhmut Is Where Russians Go To Die

Seymour Hersh Is A Serial Fabricator

The Fine Art Of Assaulting Mud Brick Fortifications In The Middle Kingdom

Military Defeat And Myths Of Moral Failing

The Importance Of One Soviet-Era Airplane

The Triumphant Return Of Kremlinology

Dominance, Hierarchy, And International Order

Groundhog Days: Over 1000 Russians Now Die Every Day In Sputtering East Ukraine Offensive

Spectrum War And The Return To Global Risk

Maybe Paranoia Is The Point

What Is The Russian Word For 'Clusterf*ck'?

The Second Battle Of Bakhmut: A Loser's Guide

Seymour Hersh Has A Nord Stream Conspiracy Theory. It Is Hot Garbage

An Identified Flying Object

Microwave Weapons Are One Answer To The Emerging Drone Swarm Threat

War in Their Name: Blood History In The Boundaries Of European Geography

The Art Of Spectrum Warfare: Essays On Our Current Military Revolution, Vol. I

'Burglar's Plan': Storming The Fort Hill Crater

Ukraine's War Of Independence, Vol. III

2025: Year Of The Armata?

2023: Year Of The Leopard

Jost Amman's Vision of Pike-and-Shot Artillery

Starfleet Is A Military Organization And 'Star Trek' Writers Go Wrong By Forgetting It

On Mobilization Waves And A Military Mindset

On Human Waves And Mobilization Waves

Prigozhin's Potemkin 'Victory' Parade Marches Into A Fire Sack Called Soledar

Death's Head: The Career Of Francis Baron Von Trenck And The Meaning Of The Totenkopf

'Our Generals Are Untrainable': A Winter Degradation By Fire For Russian Forces

East India Company v John Fowke And The Origins Of The English Civil War