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John Fowke is the Most Interesting Man In English Civil War London (14 min.)

Merchant adventures and military revolutions

This is a rough-cut video version of the presentation I am making today at the Ohio Valley History Conference. John Fowke is an understudied character because historians have missed his role in the military revolution that took place in London.

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Polemology Positions
John Fowke Studies
Everything I produce related to London merchant adventurer and military entrepreneur John Fowke. My scholarship has centered on his role in the outbreak of the English Civil War, the parliamentary victory, and the birth of mass politics. Fowke and his Puritan partners shaped the nascent British gunpowder empire from the 1627 through the Restoration. No standalone volume about John Fowke exists. In fact, as far as I can tell I am the first person to ever write an essay focused on his career.