Polemology Positions
Polemology Positions
My Own Personal Ploesti

My Own Personal Ploesti

A recorded Twitter space

Last night I held an impromptu Twitter space to air out what has been on my mind about the Ploesti bombing campaign and my great uncle, John Thomas, who was lost in Operation Tidal Wave, and has now returned home to his family after 80 years. Yesterday I published this paywalled post about the campaign to deny the Third Reich a steady supply of fuel from Romania.


Previously, I have published this article on John’s role in Tidal Wave and the destruction of his aircraft, a B-24D Liberator. It is free to read.

I have also written this account of how John’s remains were finally identified, and what it means to the still-living.

After I was done getting it off my chest, a friend popped in with a random reading assignment, so subscribe to see the consequences.

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Planes of the same unit as John Thomas, 1 August 1943
Polemology Positions
Polemology Positions
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