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Christmas Vacation Open Thread

The Piracies of John Fowke (Audio Version)

Sex Differences in Prehistoric Conflict

Wireless War on the Western Front

Brain Bucket: Daze of Future Past

The Bronze (Shoe) Lie

Do You Want Skynet?

The Piracies of John Fowke

Meet the Actual Spartans

Wireless and the Slow Death of Austria-Hungary

Brain Bucket: Shell Shock and Awe

Poliorcetic Photography: Bastion Atlanta

John Fowke and the Invention of News

Recovering from the Day of Infamy

The Wireless First World War

Brain Bucket: A Brief History of Industrialized Warfare

Marching to War is Universal

Americans Invented the SIGINT Vehicle

Late Medieval Poliorcetic Art

The Electric Wind of Europe

Brain Bucket: a Social History of War, Football, Helmets, and Head Injury

Thanksgiving Weekend Open Thread

The John Fowke Project is Greenlit

Marconi's War on Time and Space

Alfred Dreyfus and the Derp State

Poliorcetic Art: Paris Does Not Exist

Two Forgotten Cold War Vehicles

SCIF Life: A.G. Denniston and Room 40


Poliorcetic Art: Orientalism Edition

Who Wore It Better?

John Fowke Versus the British East India Company

Jost Amman's Vision of Pike-and-Shot Artillery

The Primitive Warfare of 'Dune'

Who Wore It Better?

There Is Still a War in Afghanistan

Wicked October in the Haunted Theatre of France

Two Hyugas: A Fantasy Kantai Kessen Task Force

Poliorcetic Art

Did Tolkien's Job in the Trenches Influence his Imagination?

Study of a Prussian Household Having its Morning Hate

'Women Armed With Favorite Weapons'

Rate of Fire is Everything

Nice Neutrality, Would Be A Pity If Something Happened To It

Rate of Fire Isn't Everything

Come Back, Andrea Dworkin

Conflict Biology

Conflict History