I defer once again to your expertise. I study historical trends more than battles and wars, so i always appreciate your in-depth analysis. you gave me a great deal of insight on the reasons behind Russia's historic military patterns of failing military. Historically, Ukraine has a spottier (because they sort of fell out of history after Catherine (last of the Russian 'conquerors' (although she was Germanic) but traditionally Ukraine has had a tendency towards greater military success including too a large degree conquering Russia and and their ruling families behind familiarly tied. But the problem with that simplicity is that Ukraine has long had a history of being conquered and the becoming conquerors. Of course they were kind of in a crossroads position for both migrations fleeing other conquerors and conquerors in pursuit. It was also environmentally fertile and many cultures often ended settling and interbreeding (similar to the Georgian Caucasus, but of course a different terrain. "Whiteness" as a race probably stems from this area becoming a cross-cultural breeding ground.

And so my question to you is, do you think the Ukraine's seeming success has any historical military precedent in their organization, or do you think this merely a current organizational military development?

(And not to sound racist, but it is quite evident that racial interbreeding tends to favor lighter and lighter shades, and genetic studies pretty definitely rule out a genetic evolution of "white people". Kind of puts to bed the great displacement theory, because the white race developed as a genetic replacement from racial inter-mating, and if the white replace intermingled more freely with the darker races there would be a tendency for the offspring to have lighter skin.)

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