Jan 4, 2022 • 6M

John Fowke and the Invention of News (Audio Version)

Revolutionary merchants with political machines

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Matt Osborne
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This is another podcast version of a selected post. I will be doing this for all of my posts about Fowke from now on, as the chair of my thesis committee is blind. (Have you ever seen someone give a 60-minute lecture on English Civil War historiography without notes? I have, and it’s amazing!) I will begin recording posts on other topics soon enough. Don’t expect superior audio quality, however, as I am using a phone to do this and there’s no room in the budget for real recording equipment.

Polemology Positions
John Fowke and the Invention of News
The Mercurius Aulicus newspaper was published in Oxford and within London during the English Civil War. Like everything else organizational to the royalist war effort, it peaked in 1643 and disintegrated during 1645, lasting down the ages as an alternative view to the military victors of the conflict — and inspiring the creation of news as an industry. …
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