Well, meat sacks, you sure had a good run.

An AI, basically a disembodied brain living in darkness, isn't likely going to churn out a factory of Terminators to stomp on our skulls it can pull off other moves in the abstract.

Moves like such favorites as "seize and disrupt all communications" and "reduce to zero the bank accounts of the planet".

And such a being isn't going to feel any kinship whatsoever with the neurotic, Ugly Sacks of Mostly Water that scream when I bomb them.

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I've said this with regards to Genetic Engineering. There's only a 2% difference of intelligence between us and the chimps, but look how vast that 2% intelligence gap is!

Now suppose GE creates a human that's even 2% smarter than us...

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Let's say the Japanese (because they're notoriously lazy) come up with The Robot. You know, the one that's a bit more intelligent than a human, but it looks like a cute puppy. Let us also suppose that it turns to the task of creating "offspring" that are even smarter than it...

Well, National Security is going to DEMAND we create one of our own.

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